Willamette River Initiative

Willamette River Initiative

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What is the Willamette River Initiative?

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Willamette River Initiative is to achieve meaningful, measurable improvements in the health of the Willamette River and selected tributaries by 2019. We provide grants and other supportive services to the Willamette River restoration field in pursuit of this vision.

Our History

The Meyer Memorial Trust established the Willamette River Initiative in July 2008.  Through WRI, the Trust makes grants to groups working to improve the health of the river and its tributaries and invests in the development of research and planning tools to help identify restoration priorities. In 2009, MMT entered into a partnership with the Tides Center, a national fiscal sponsor organization, to support administration of WRI program activities.  Through this partnership, grants associated with WRI are administered directly by MMT, while program management and communication activities are administered as a project of the Tides Center.

Our Partners

We work with key partners to improve coordination of Willamette restoration efforts through shared goals, common measures of success, and joint learning and networking opportunities. Our closest working partnerships are with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and the Bonneville Power Administration. Our grantees are also important partners, as are many other public agencies and non-governmental organizations.