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Now accepting proposals for three funding opportunities

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    By Kelly House - April 12, 2017

    The Willamette River Initiative is currently accepting applications for three separate funding opportunities: Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Grants program, our Willamette Mainstem Anchor Habitat 2017 Grant Cycle, and our Basin Wide Impact Grants program. If you have a project that fits our criteria, we hope you’ll apply!

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Grants
    April 19 application deadline
    In 2015, WRI adopted a new goal: To advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the movement for a healthier Willamette River system. This year, WRI is participating in the Meyer Memorial Trust’s annual funding opportunity to fund projects in support of this goal. To qualify, your project must relate to the Willamette River or its tributaries and either seek to (1) ensure that environmental risks and benefits are shared equitably among Willamette Basin communities, or (2) foster an environmental movement that is more effective and relevant to all Oregon’s diverse communities. Read more in our blog about the opportunity.
    Willamette Mainstem Anchor Habitat 2017 Grant Cycle
    April 21 application deadline

    WRI funds large-scale floodplain restoration projects along the mainstem Willamette River in partnership with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). OWEB administers this grant program on behalf of the three-funder partnership, and interested applicants should submit a project overview through OWEB by April 21.

    Basin Wide Impact Grants
    June 15 application deadline

    Many challenges facing the Willamette River system are far-reaching and systemic. Pollution from urban and rural runoff, high stream temperatures, aquatic invasive species, and gaps in our knowledge about the river are a few examples. Basin Wide Impact grants support projects that address needs on a broad scale and cannot be tied to a specific geographical location. In the past, we have accepted applications for Basin Wide Impact grants on a rolling basis throughout the year, but this year we’ve made some changes. We’re accepting applications through June 15, and anticipate making funding decisions by September.

    Visit our Funding page to learn more about each opportunity, including what types of projects we fund, what we don’t fund, what it takes to qualify and how to apply.