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By WRI Staff -
December 02, 2015
Today, WRI releases the first ever Willamette River Report Card. The Willamette’s overall grade - the grade that rolls up the 15 variables analyzed by the experts - came in at a B-. That’s good news for the river. But there are important problems we still need to solve in order to raise the grade.
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By Tracey Saxby -
October 13, 2014
Read about the first Willamette River Report Card workshop in a guest post by Tracey Saxby, senior science communicator and Design Director at the Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
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By Eric Jones -
August 08, 2014
Summer is nearing its peak, but our team is already thinking about winter - specifically December 11-12, when the third Within Our Reach conference will take place. Bringing people together for a Willamette River conference is one way we work towards collective impact.
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By Cristina Watson -
May 28, 2014
For a river-focused funding initiative, there's no substitute for getting out in the field. We heard from farmers firsthand why they take part in habitat restoration, visited a prairie where an endangered plant thrives among cattle, and, ultimately, came away reflecting on how important relationships, adaptation and balance are in this work.
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By Pam Wiley -
January 13, 2014
Reflection is especially important in the kind of complex, long-term work in which we're all engaged, but, let's face it - reflection is highly undervalued in a culture inclined toward immediacy. So it helps to practice it with intent. And open a window from time to time.
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By Cristina Watson -
December 13, 2013

We are excited to announce our new Willamette River Initiative blog. The blog will be an opportunity for us to communicate with our grantees, partners, peers and anyone interested in the intersections between river restoration and philanthropy.