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Our Basin Wide Impact Strategy

Many restoration challenges in the Willamette Basin are far-reaching and systemic. The Basin Wide Impact strategy helps grantees address these challenges.

Land use changes, urban stormwater runoff, loss of wetlands, dam operations, and forest and agricultural management practices are just a few of the complex issues that affect the entire Willamette watershed. The Basin Wide Impact strategy is designed to take on problems that cannot be tied to a specific geographical location. Projects funded through this strategy may include scientific research, public policy research and analysis, and sector or market-based tools.


Basin Wide Impact Grantees: Agricultural Research Foundation | Benton Soil & Water Conservation District | Food Alliance | Freshwaters Illustrated | Long Tom Watershed Council | Oregon Environmental Council | Oregon State University | Oregon State University Department of Horticulture | Portland State University, National Policy Consensus Center | University of Oregon | Willamette Partnership

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