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Calapooia Watershed Council

The Calapooia River begins in the western Cascade Mountains and joins the mainstem Willamette at the city of Albany.
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Bessie Joyce, Executive Director

The Calapooia Watershed Council is a non-profit community organization that promotes voluntary actions to improve the health of the Calapooia River watershed. The primary goals of the CWC are to share information, provide a forum for better coordination throughout the watershed, and manage stream and river restoration projects in its service area, the 234,000-acre Calapooia River drainage.

Through the Model Watershed Program, WRI provides an annual capacity grant to the CWC to implement on-the-ground projects in target sub-watersheds: Courtney Creek and the middle reach of the Calapooia River. The CWC is also the recipient of a WRI Mainstem grant for work in the Albany reach of the Willamette, including Cox Creek confluence area and several adjacent oxbow lakes, Lower Calapooia, and Thornton Lakes.

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