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Long Tom Watershed Council

The 262,000-acre Long Tom watershed is located in the Upper Willamette basin and includes the cities of Eugene, Veneta, Junction City and Monroe, Oregon.
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Clinton Begley, Watershed Coordinator and Executive Director

The Long Tom Watershed Council (LTWC) serves to improve water quality and watershed conditions in the Long Tom River basin through education, coordination, consultation, and cooperation among all interests, using the collective wisdom and voluntary action of its community members.

As a member of the Willamette Model Watershed Program, the Long Tom Watershed Council receives an annual capacity grant to fund operations related to on-the-ground projects in the Coyote Creek, Bear Creek and Ferguson Creek sub-watersheds. The Willamette Model Watershed Program is managed by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Read more on the BEF website »

The LTWC is also the recipient of a WRI Basin Wide Impact grant to address water quality and non-point pollution in Amazon Creek, which flows through agricultural and urban lands before joining the Long Tom River just west of Junction City.