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McKenzie Watershed Council

Based in Springfield, Oregon and serves the McKenzie River watershed.
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Larry Six, Executive Director

The McKenzie Watershed Council was formed in 1993 to help address watershed management issues in the McKenzie River watershed, as well as provide a framework for voluntary coordination and cooperation among key interests in the development and implementation of a watershed action plan. The Council's work is guided by a vision of exceptional water quality and habitats in balance with human livelihood and quality of life.

The Council's mission is to foster better stewardship of McKenzie River watershed resources, prevent further resource degradation, and ensure sustainable watershed health, functions and uses. The Council works towards accomplishing its mission through fostering voluntary partnerships, collaboration and public awareness. They work primarily with private landowners on a voluntary basis to conserve and restore riparian and aquatic habitat, cooperate with partners to monitor and maintain water quality, implement watershed education programs, focus outreach to residents and provide a monthly forum for addressing important issues.