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Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council

The Middle Fork Willamette watershed covers 865,000 acres spanning from the western Cascades to Eugene, Oregon.
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Sarah Dyrdahl, Executive Director

The Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council (MFWWC) is a non-profit volunteer based partnership of diverse watershed stakeholders that focuses on promoting sustainability and making the Middle Fork Willamette watershed a better place to live, work and visit. The Middle Fork Willamette River forms the headwaters of the Willamette, originating in the western Cascade Mountains and flowing northwest until it joins the Coast Fork Willamette near Eugene, Oregon to become the mainstem Willamette River. Much of the watershed is in the Willamette National Forest, and it includes pristine Waldo Lake and the scenic North Fork of the Middle Fork.

As a member of the Model Watershed Program, the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council receives an annual capacity grant to fund operations related to on-the-ground projects in the Little Fall Creek and Lost Creek sub-watersheds.