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North Santiam Watershed Council

The North Santiam River begins at Mount Jefferson and flows west until joining with the South Santiam to form the mainstem Santiam River outside Jefferson, Oregon.
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Rebecca McCoun, Council Coordinator

The North Santiam Watershed Council (NSWC) is a locally-driven, non-governmental, non-regulatory community based organization that develops partnerships and secures resources to plan, fund and implement projects working toward increased watershed health. The NSWC provides opportunities for stakeholders to cooperate in promoting and sustaining the health of the North Santiam watershed and its communities.

Through the Model Watershed Program, the NSWC works in collaboration with the South Santiam Watershed Council as organizations that share similar landscapes and challenges to watershed health. WRI provides an annual capacity grant to this partnership to implement on-the-ground projects in each watershed, including the Stout Creek, Valentine Creek, and Bear Branch sub-basins in the North Santiam.