Willamette River Initiative

Willamette River Initiative

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University of Oregon Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Eugene, Oregon
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Dave Hulse, Professor of Landscape Architecture

The University of Oregon is a public research university founded in 1876 and located in Eugene, Oregon. UO's Institute for a Sustainable Environment is a center for innovative, interdisciplinary research at the nexus of ecological, economic, and social sustainability. As the university’s oldest sustainability institute, the ISE is a thriving center for collaborative research, technical assistance, and policy education. The Institute produces information to help resolve complex problems and enable people to sustain the economies and environmental systems that support their communities. Faculty in the Institute focus on a wide variety of issues including natural resource management, land use, climate change, rural development, transportation, green building, alternative energy, natural hazards, and environmental education. The ISE has a number of program areas, including the ISE Geographic Information Systems Lab, Ecosystem Workforce Program and several individual research initiatives.

WRI supports the work of Dr. Dave Hulse, professor and founding member of the ISE, and his team of staff and students at the ISE Research Lab. Since its inception in 1988, the lab has operated on research grants from outside agencies and organizations. Funds from WRI go towards the ongoing development of the "Slices," a GIS based information framework for research, monitoring and evaluation in the Willamette River Floodplain.

WRI Funded Projects