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Cox Creek / Oxbow Lakes Restoration Planning

Funding from WRI supports the Calapooia Watershed Council in the early stage of project development for restoration at the confluence of Cox Creek, which is adjacent to the second conservation planning area that includes four oxbow lakes that were once used for industrial purposes. Goals of the project include improving riparian cover and off-channel habitat conditions, removing impediments to fish passage including the removal of one dam, increasing connectivity between the oxbow lakes, and providing outreach on invasive species control and riparian management for area residents. Enhancing this area will benefit native wildlife, including protected Western pond turtles and spring Chinook salmon. Visit the Calapooia Watershed Council's project page »

UPDATE: Cox Creek Dam was removed in June 2013. Read more »

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Project Type: 
Invasive Weed Control,
Side Channel Reconnection
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Project Partners: 
ATI Wah Chang
City of Albany
Total project budget: 
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Other funding sources: 
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, City of Albany, various mitigation sources
Project start date: 
July 1, 2011
Estimated complete date: 
January 1, 2013
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