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Amazon Creek Pesticide Stewardship Partnership

Amazon Creek marks a unique connection between the urban and agricultural character of the Long Tom watershed. Through the Amazon Creek Initiative, the Long Tom Watershed Council works to improve water quality and wildlife habitat in the Amazon sub-basin and the lands connected to it.  As part of this initiative, LTWC has partnered with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Pesticide Stewardship Partnership (PSP) to find collaborative solutions for reducing levels of pesticides in rivers and streams.

Funding from WRI supports the Long Tom Watershed Council’s leadership of the local PSP including monitoring, outreach and education, and technical assistance for farmers and businesses implementing best management practices. This is the first PSP in Oregon to include an urban area and has good potential to serve as a model for addressing urban stormwater runoff and pesticide use through a voluntary approach. LTWC’s vision of the broader Amazon Creek Initiative is to work with partners to assist businesses, farmers, and other interested parties in taking actions to improve Amazon Creek as a valuable asset to the community. 

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March 1, 2011
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November 1, 2012
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