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Mid-Willamette Floodplain Restoration

With the help of funding from WRI, Greenbelt Land Trust is working with landowners to convert agricultural land to forest and increase interaction between the river and its historic floodplain. This project focuses on Harkens Lake east of Monroe and Horseshoe Lake north of Corvallis - two key properties along the mid-Willamette River. This grant supports restoration work on 75 acres (out of a total 600) at Harkens Lake (east of Monroe) and Horseshoe Lake (north of Corvallis). Both properties are within the 100-year floodplain and frequently experience high winter and spring river flows that often cover significant portions of the properties. Historically, vegetation on the site included a mixture of native bottomland hardwood forest, open wetlands, wet prairie, and upland prairie. Both locations also support populations of western pond turtle including important nesting sites in the less frequently inundated sections.

This grant will support restoration actions that move Harkens and Horseshoe Lakes into a positive restoration trajectory by converting agricultural land to forest and increasing the interaction between the river and the floodplain. MMT funding will support site preparation and re-vegetation on 75 acres. GLT aims to restore forest to more than 200 acres by 2015. Future work will also include controlling invasive species on nearly 150 acres in existing riparian areas, increasing the depth and connectivity of selected swales, and improving the interaction between side channels and the river.

This project is funded under WRI's Mainstem granting strategy in conjunction with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's Special Investment Partnership (SIP) program.

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July 2, 2012
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July 2, 2014
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