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UPRIVER Documentary Film

Funding from WRI helped support the filming and production of Upriver, a documentary film about the Willamette River and current efforts to restore it. With captivating underwater, aerial and time-lapse imagery of the Willamette, the film tells the story of the renewed sense of commitment to the river and sends the message that we can work as a community to overcome the challenges still ahead.

Upriver covers over a dozen ongoing restoration efforts throughout the valley and features interviews with key scientists, people from the conservation community and landowners. The final product will include several versions meant for different audiences, including a 56-minute version geared for public television, a 50-minute version targeting local communities and a 35-minute version for use in high school science classes.

Visit the Upriver website »

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National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
US Forest Service
Bureau of Land Management
Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
Columbia Helicopters
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February 1, 2010
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September 1, 2013
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