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Harkens Lake

Our family has worked and lived on the Willamette River for five generations, which is why we take such pride in showing we can work around the river sustainably. We know the health of our crops depends on the health of the river system. Our goal for restoration is to utilize important floodplain areas to improve water quality and protect the valuable farm land that our family farm depends on. -Gary Horning, Harkens Lake Landowner

In December, 2011 Greenbelt Land Trust permanently protected 371 acres at Harkens Lake, just east of Monroe. The Harkens Lake area is considered a high priority Willamette floodplain that historically provided a key connection between the river and adjacent forests, wetlands and prairies. Currently, the Greenbelt Land Trust is discussing restoration and protection options with some of the landowners of the Harkens Lake area to restore their lands to native habitats for fish and wildlife.

Harkens Lake is an historically important Willamette River floodplain. Public land managers, private landowners and Greenbelt Land Trust are working together to conserve and restore over 600 acres in this area.

Seasonally, the river inundates sections of the Harkens Lake area. However, a flood event in 1996 demonstrated how the river occupied nearly the entire historic floodplain in this area during a major high water event. -Greenbelt Land Trust staff

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