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WRI Program Evaluation Report

In 2012, the Meyer Memorial Trust retained Partners for Change, a consulting firm based in the Midwest, to evaluate the effectiveness of the Willamette River Initiative. Specifically, PfC set out to answer three main questions about the progress of WRI to date.

  • To what extent is there better alignment of Willamette River agencies, nonprofits, and other key stakeholders around a shared vision and priorities for improved river and watershed health?
  • To what extent is a strong foundation being laid for long-term efforts to protect and restore the river?
  • What has been Meyer’s role in improving alignment, strengthening the foundation, and overall leadership?

To do this, Partners for Change conducted an extensive study of Willamette River restoration and stakeholders, including background research, surveys, personal interviews, and data analysis. In October 2013, PfC published a report of their findings, which concludes with recommendations for MMT moving forward.

This slideshow provides an overview of the findings, and the entire report is available for download as a PDF below.