Willamette River Initiative

Willamette River Initiative

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Study on Strategies for Weed Management

This grant supports OSU researcher Ed Peachey to conduct a 5-year study on controlling and eradicating invasive weeds to prepare sites for native plant restoration. Specifically, the research team will treat small test plots of weeds with different herbicides and application methods. In year two, they will cultivate native plants at the treated sites and monitor their progress to evaluate potential impacts of herbicides on their growth.

Willamette Mainstem Cooperative

This Basin Wide Impact project is focused on the stretch of the Willamette River between Albany and Corvallis, a section with several big bends, areas of relatively intact floodplain forest, and greater interaction with the floodplain than other stretches of the river. WRI funds support Benton SWCD to explore opportunities and develop partnerships for protecting and enhancing the high value habitats along this stretch.

Wildlife Conservation on Willamette Valley Vegetable Farms

Can farms and wildlife coexist? Cook Family Farm, located in the Dever-Conner area near the confluence of the Santiam and Willamette Rivers, is a model of how they can. With Cook Farm as a case study, this project brings together diverse partners with the goal of helping processed vegetable growers in the Willamette Valley meet biodiversity standards set forth by the Food Alliance and NORPAC Foods for preserving wildlife habitat areas on farmland.

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