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A Watershed Moment for the Willamette River

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By WRI Staff - December 04, 2015

If the Willamette had ears, they’d be buzzing. It’s been a big few weeks for one of our region's most iconic rivers. In case you’ve missed any of the excitement, here’s a recap of recent Willamette River news.

Willamette River Report Card

The Willamette River Initiative just released the first Willamette River Report Card, which covers the entire river from its headwaters south of Eugene 187 miles north to its confluence with the Columbia River. See how the river fared and learn how the grade was calculated at www.willamettereportcard.org.

The film UPRIVER

The film UPRIVER, an inspiring story about the Willamette River restoration movement by Freshwaters Illustrated, began showing in September in a limited release. UPRIVER will begin screening in earnest in early 2016. Contact Freshwaters Illustrated to schedule a screening in your area.

Willamette Water 2100

The Willamette Water 2100 project (WW2100) is holding its capstone workshop on December 4th to share and discuss its key findings with stakeholders. WW2100 is a six-year collaborative research project between Oregon State University, Portland State University and the University of Oregon to understand and begin to answer some of the questions on all Oregonians’ minds about the impacts of climate change, population and economic growth on future water availability in the Willamette Basin. The droughts this year in California and many parts of Oregon, and the predicted doubling of the population in the Willamette Valley this century make this issue especially timely. Stay tuned for their findings.

Wild in the Willamette

Enjoy and explore the Willamette! Wild in the Willamette is a literary compendium and guidebook to natural areas in the mid-Willamette Valley. The book introduces readers to areas that may be new to them through enticing trail descriptions, engaging essays by noted authors and clear maps. It was published by OSU Press in November.

With all this talk of the Willamette, what comes next? That’s an answer we looking forward to working on with you in the new year, as we take the next step toward a healthier Willamette River.